You know that feeling (referring to all single ladies out there), when you found some girls who just SSI like you ( Smart, sexy, and Interesting) you knew that you are not alone in this world. As i realized, most of my posts are now referring to personal thing and becoming in too deep. Well, i should read more motivational and business books, though, in order to make useful posting. Whatever.Back to the topic, It is hard for us ( of course not only me) the border line girls who happened to be single, available with good career but seems hard to the find the right man. 
Like in my case, people think that i am struggling to move on, fact is NO! i am moving on, peeps! I really live my life, do whatever i supposed to do with NO LIMITS and BOUNDARIES ( Except my Dad that is still calling ; where are you? I am sleepy so get back home, take your own key) -_- I am grown up, Dad. Furthermore, it is so nice to hang out with your colleagues, girlfriends, new friends, and old friends, we laugh, …


I  know, the more i into the title, the more i realized " does today's post look so depressing?"
Second thought, NAAAH... the title indeed needs to look controversial so everyone will be interested to read it HAHAHAHA.
Well, as i will turn three series by next year ( OMG for real??) i am trying to be cool by not making a scene for my life, for instance like installing tinder or trying to whatsapp the guy that i like.hmmmhh "the guy that i like" -_- speaking of which, it will be my discussion by today.
After 8 months since i leave my past behind, life gets pretty fun for me, i learnt how to lose my anger and emotions by seeing life from different perspective. Well, somehow i get lonely too, especially right before sleeping, then it goes on and on when i was drowning into a thinking " what if i would never love anyone else more than (him)?" However, second thought, why would i have that thinking, it was stupid. Moreover, some said that i should TRY to …


Well, this is my second trip after Purwokerto, and this time i was detachable, without having mas Dyka besides me :( but i have Sabrina-who happened turning into my travel buddy, recently- to accompany me, so at that time i was in charge to supervise her, because it was Sabrina first business trip ( eventhough i was not sure i was ready enough but i am zuppa confident with it) where we have to go to.......................BATAM.
So Batam trip is considered to be intense (I told you later), because we had no idea, what was gonna happen there. At that time i was being told to do socialization just like i did in Purwokerto, i was like "okey i can handle it" and since i would be starting to be detached, so mbak Dita asked me to bring Sabrina to be my companion, and i was like " yeayyy, it's girl trip" and made me even more excited about it. 
Before the trip, me and Sabrina were planning to have trip extension for the weekend, because it's Batam, we …


I postponed so many times to update this blog, over and over again, till suddenly i realized that i had to lump sum stories, CRAP! hahahahaha. But i have my POP MIE  beside me and it's raining so hard in Bandung, thus it will be fine, and i will not getting any distractions, hopefully. 
So my blog is now becoming sort of like Korean drama ; loads that are waiting what happen next ( this is according to my besties, okey) So, as my platform of sharing my experiences, i don't mind to neglect my Saturday night to sit down and write, fact that i banished satnite thingy since December 2014. 
Recently, I've been traveled a lot for business trip. I was doing socialization, education, negotiation, and promotion about Smart City. Purwokerto is the first region for me to do those activities. Actually, this is my very first business trip in life, though, so i was like " Man........ do i have to do this" :D :D because i was so chicken, i never go outside the city without my …


My office hasn’t opened yet, so I have time for blogging before showing myself I am a good worker. Yesterday was my first day of job, it was really fun, they included me on weekly meeting which is held every Monday. I basically just only sit and hear the interns’ presentation (they are really good and creative; I was feel intimidated for a while). My job is really in touch with IT, so every term, every corner, and every paper are correlated with that “language” which is so hard for me to understand (I came for social sciences studies, forgive me). So can you imagine that most of my colleagues are boys with fingers counting women. Thus, I have to behave like a lady, HAHAHA. If you found me misbehave, found me at the nearest Mushola or cafeteria where there is Lumpia Basah is served only for me.
Anyway, they assign me as Business Development, but I will be in charge as well for finance (I worked hard to get A for finance subject, but really it is not my forte). But the job is only a job…


Every year, I list out my favorite series, like this year, my favorite series are; The Royals (of course because Tom Austen) and 2 broke girls. The last one is the most favorite one because it is more realistic and so “me” in particular. Well, it tells about two girls who broke and live as roommates in Brooklyn, where at the same time they also trying to chase their dreams that is making cupcake business. Well, it reminds me of my friendship with Lidya. We’re not that penniless anyway, our case is we’re a little bit concerned with our financial issues because;
1. I was just graduated and unemployed 2. Lidya was living by herself in Jakarta
Actually Lidya is ended up living in my house for several months, but whenever we wanted to hang out we’re sort of counting the budget and not spending it that much.
There is one scene when we were doing crazy thing together, so we wanted to have relaxation with the pool and drink all together in the fancy place. Then we decided to sneak out this five…